Let Go Emotional Bonding

Break Free Karmic Bonds

Ancient Healing


These five books are diversified in unique topics, storyline, concept and plots. Parallelos is for people who like Avengers movieΒ (believeΒ inΒ Sci-fi and parallelΒ universe), while Extortioner is for teenagers who love Twilight & Vampire Diaries.

Ancient Healing is the practise tailored with love for Ayurveda and their alternative therapies.

People who suffered trauma, loss, or heartbreak can pick β€œLet Go Emotional Bonding” to practise healthy detachments.

Those who feel karma has hit them and find ways to beat them up for overcoming and breaking karmic cycle, can try the β€œBreak Free Karmic Bonds”.

Hope these 5 kindle books are the must-have ones, be it fiction or self-help books, each one has their own blend of essence.

Happy Reading~

Jose Heavena Fernando



Heavena Fernando

Heavena Fernando

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